🔒 Snow Exciting’s Privacy Policy

Last Updated: November 1, 2023

Welcome to Snow Exciting’s Privacy Igloo!

This policy outlines how we at Snow Exciting collect, use, and protect your personal information. So, go ahead and pull up an ice block and lend an ear.

What Information Do We Collect?

  1. Personal Information: Name, address, and that cute photo of you in a ski outfit—just kidding about the photo!
  2. Account Information: Email and password, the keys to your personal Snow Exciting chalet.
  3. Transaction Data: Purchase details but not full card numbers. Square handles that, and they’re good—like, Olympian-skier good.

How Do We Use It?

  • To Fulfill Orders: Basically, to make sure your new ski gear doesn’t go to Timbuktu.
  • To Improve: Your feedback warms us like hot cocoa after a long day on the slopes.
  • To Communicate: We’ll send you email updates faster than a snowball fight breaks out.

Cookies and Tracking

We use cookies. No, not the chocolate chip ones, the digital ones. They help us understand how you navigate our icy wonderland.

Square as Our Payment Processor

When you’re ready to checkout, your payment is processed by Square, the Shaquille O’Neal of payment platforms. They have their own security protocols, which are like bank vaults for your data. You can check out Square’s privacy policy for the nitty-gritty.

Security Measures

We’ve got layers of security thicker than your winter coat. But remember, no system is as impenetrable as a frozen lake, so always tread carefully.

Data Retention

We’ll hold on to your data like a snowman holds onto his carrot nose—only as long as necessary.

Third-Party Links

Our website may have links to sites not run by us, like the mysterious snow tracks leading into the forest. We’re not responsible for their content or privacy policies, so proceed with caution.

Changes to This Policy

Our Privacy Policy may change like the seasons. Any updates will be posted here and notified to you faster than you can say “fresh powder!”

Contact Us

For any questions, snowball them at us via email at

By using our services, you’re agreeing to this Privacy Policy. If you’re not cool with it, sadly, it’s time to thaw out of our community. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and let’s make it snow!